terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

Director 1.2

New version released with a lot of bug fixes and some new transitions!

Link: http://developer.anscamobile.com/code/director-class-10

All the major updates were at the memory management and cleaning scenes.
1 - Now you don't need to modify Director to use the clean function, Director will search for it and if it find then will execute it.
2 - Cleaning scenes are divided in 3 steps:
2.1 - Execute the clean() function if it exists
2.2 - Remove all display objects inserted into the localGroup
2.3 - Unload the module and call the garbage collector
3 - I added a "safe time delay" to start transitions without crashing.
4 - You can change the effects time and safe delay via programming.
5 - There are 3 new transitions on changeScene:
5.1 - moveFromTop
5.2 - moveFromBottom
5.3 - crossfade
6 - A lot of people asked me about changing scenes like a book. I tryed to do it on this version but it is very hard to do. So, I put on the sample a little slider to see how to use moveFromLeft and moveFromRight to feel like a book.
7 - All the files on the sample are better structured and have the initVars() function to show how to start your variables values and use it on a pause or restart function.
8 - There is a boolean variable to prevent change scenes while it's still changing a scene.

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  1. I found these resources useful for creating a page turning effect:



    I hope you find these useful

  2. Ricardo,
    I'm trying to use Director 1.2, and when I compile my application for android starts but it gets the black screen doing nothing. Ja Corona in the emulator, it works completely. Is there any parameter or detail to run the Director in applying Corona on Android?
    Thank you.
    Mario Guerra.

  3. Oops, equeci to put my email.
    Excuse me: mguerra@mobilefast.com.br
    Thank you.
    Mario Guerra.