sexta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2011

Director 1.4 - Books!

Hello people!

I'm really proud to announce that I am now releasing Director 1.4 with a highly asked feature: Books.

What is that? Well, you can download it on the link below and see by yourself! Also, I made a lot of changes to fix some issues and improved the error messages. You can now disable it by changing the "debug" variable to false. It's that easy!

This is a little list of some cool stuff, I wished to release it before Hackathon because I think is not fair to have it exclusively, please take a look:

- clean() function is back
- new start() function on books
- initVars() is called after scene is loaded
- improved error handling
- bug fixes on pop up
- group recreation (internal)
- missed objects are now inserted on localGroups
- protection handle now "tap" listeners
- lot more!

Thanks everybody, I really wish success for you all and I will try to improve even more the class that you love or hate.

Director 1.4 Download:

18 comentários:

  1. just had a play around - its awesome, the error handling is a MASSIVE bonus.

  2. Thank you!
    It would be great, if you could include a help text, explaining all the features and how to use them.

  3. Nice work! Compared to the one in 1.2, are there any differences how clean function is called?

  4. Just upgraded from version 1.3 to 1.4. The director class is working like a charm.

    Thanks so much.

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for your efforts with this "director" class. I'm test using it now and it seems to work pretty well though I'm having an issue when using "enterFrame" events in each "screen" I navigate to. Basically I'm trying to implement some form of background animation in each screen which should then be removed when returning to the main menu screen. Currently I use the "Runtime:removeEventListener" method in the handler for my return to main menu (screen) button but print statements show that the "enterFrame" event is still being called and it leads to errors as the objects being animated no longer exist.

    Do you have a sample in which you use the "enterFrame" event in different "screens"?

    Thank you!

    Ken Ibrahim

  6. Sorry but I don't have any sample using Runtime. Please take a look at Ansca website, there are a lot of free code on the community link!

  7. Ive been working through the ghosts and monsters sample code, they use version 1.1 of director, if you change it to version 1.2 or 1.3 it doesn't even load the first scene.

    If you change it to version 1.4, the hudgroup within the main game is broken.

    What would be the fix for this?

    1. I want an answer to the same question. :D

  8. In the new book release can we flip pages automatically and jump to specific pages?

  9. @Ricardo

    Is it a known bug that director's call to the clean function does not work with Particle Candy? When I put "Particles.CleanUp()" in the clean() function, director triggers the following error:

    "Director ERROR: Failed to clean module 'screen01' - Please verify the clean() function."

    But when I put "Particles.CleanUp()" in the function where director changes scenes (called "newScene()"), then the particle emitter is removed properly, and director changes scenes without error. Any ideas?

  10. Hi!…I can get a scene transition like going from page in a book?

  11. Hi!... How to restore the params from popup?

  12. Muito obrigado! It's the only external code that I use and so far so good. Thanks again Ricardo.

  13. Can any one give me a pointer how to build the track of any racing screen?
    I am struggling for implement this. I need to implement a track and need to run the player on that track.

    Please help me. Thnx in advance.

  14. Trying to use this with graphics 2.0 and the bookbackground is preventing my buttons from being pressed. I don't understand why you insert a book background into my scene when I am not using books.

  15. So I changed the code to this: ------------------
    -- Books Touch Area
    if isbook then
    local bookBackground = display.newRect( 0, 0, _W, _H )
    bookBackground.alpha = 0.12
    bookBackground:addEventListener( "touch", moveBookPage )
    prevView:insert( bookBackground )

    It made my buttons visible again.

    Shouldn't this line: local bookBackground = display.newRect( 0, 0, _W, _H )

    Be this: local bookBackground = display.newRect( _W* .5 , _H* .5 , _W, _H )

    Seems like that would center the bookBackground. But since I can't find any directions on how to use books I don't know how to try it to test what is going on.

  16. Laura I removed those exact lines of code to fix various touch-related bugs in my app too!

    Odd that this intrusive book hit detection is on by default!?